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With a long history, going back to 1947, we are honored to lead the field of women’s fabric, supplying women’s clothing manufacturers with top quality, large variety & high aesthetic fabrics, setting the rules for new trends.


The story behind the brand

  • Today

    "Ioakimidis" is the leader in the fashion industry

    Today- We are here, sharing the same passion and love that have driven us from the first moment, serving the textile industry with a powerful mix of non-negotiable values, lust for innovation, respect for tradition, and love for textiles.

  • 2018

    Our new building extension plan is sparked

    The love for textiles, the focus on detail and quality, the constant urge to seek for innovation and the strong relationships with our partners were the main factors that sparked the new building extension plan, which was completed in mid of 2019.

  • 2011

    A new era begins

    Α milestone year for the company, during which, work, effort, perseverance, and enthusiasm were the driving forces behind the completion of our new venture that marked the beginning of a new era. Our current privately-owned building facilities in Koropi are now the place where the 3rd generation, grown-up into the fabric’s world and totally in love with it, has already started bringing new pioneering ideas. Over- the- counter facilities are at the disposal of the company which now has all the supplies to accommodate the international market.

  • 1994

    Our first owned facilities are a fact

    After several years, ready for the next big step, the company bought its first owned facilities. Although the size seemed huge at the time, in less than 10 years the need for further expansion was visible. ‘’Ioakimidis’’ became a famous name in the fashion industry and the textiles of the company were considered a must for the most impressive and elegant creations of fashion at the time. With 22 employees in 1994, several of them still working with us, the company was soon led to the next big decision…

  • 1985

    We welcome our 2nd generation

    Ioakimidis Textiles’ 2nd generation started working for the company. Young, passionate, hardworking, and in love with this industry, they boosted the company’s growth.

  • 1960

    First warehouse, first employees

    Keeping the hard work and love for fabrics, he managed to rent his first warehouse, where soon after he hired his first employees.

  • 1947

    When everything started

    George Ioakimidis established the company with hard work, boldness, and passion for the women’s textile industry.


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